Conferring Well-Being

Exercise and Obesity

Obesity is not a cosmetic issue, it is a number one killer.

There are lots of problems which is linked to obesity: depression, anxiety, low self-esteem and guilt.

Physical problems associated with fat include arthritis, low back pain, chest wall and diaphragm complications, incontinence, sleep apnea and cellulite.

Most of these conditions create excruciating pain, problem in walking, taking short breath, fatigue, lethargy and so on and so forth, leading to lesser physical activity, higher weight gain and the onset of a terrible cycle. Any culture that view itself and its young people become not healthy in this way when there is enough wealth and education to avoid such problems, should definitely do something about it.

A common misconception is that obesity is purely the consequences of doing or too little exercise. It’s true that most people, including the young, move less, workout less and eat more than ever before, and are subsequently heavier and fatter. However, there are actually no clear relation between exercise and leanness, but somehow beauty firm linked this together.

Exercise is also excellent because it helps us to be strong and fit, strengthens our heart function and helps us to work properly. Trying to become slimmer through physical activities is much less efficient than eating properly and in the right amount.

Exercise, and hard physical workouts make us hungrier and we eat accordingly. It’s a fact of life – so eat right, work out right and sleep right and you’ll have the dream figure that you always want.

Wed, August 11 2010 » Exercise